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Main Activites

Our Activites for Painting

about us

We are a non-governmental organization (NGO) of professional painting artists.

Zarafshan Artists Group intends to plan in such a way that it can have continuous activities in the field of pure and original art of painting in the coming horizon, and by training young and expert forces, as one of the unique and prominent art centers. The country should be introduced.
The center tries to be effective by encouraging young women and girls to enter the field of art and support and train them to achieve a special social position for their loved ones.

Main Activites

Our Activites for Painting

Narrative painting with spiritual atmosphere and connecting text to image is specific to scientific and historical books.
Beautiful and original maps were used in religious and cultural books with Islamic designs and Khatai flowers to beautify the pages.
flower and bird
A term for Iranian paintings with the theme of flowers, birds, and leaves that were inspired by nature and had a special style.
This type of design has been used to decorate the margins of manuscripts and sculptures, stone carving, and writing on dishes and textiles.
Geometric patterns
A set of motifs that use geometrical rules and relationships to create and combine them.
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Founder of Gran Zarafshan Conservatories

Long live the master
Perviz Skanderpour

Center services

The services we provide

Our painting group offers a wide range of services, from holding exhibitions and gallery tours to visiting historical sites. We also financially support hands-on workshops and carry out bespoke orders on an initiative basis.

Services for individuals:


Authenticity in Kanz

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Why choose Kanz?

With experience in teamwork and empathy, Kanz Group has been helping painters for the past 13 years. By holding 2-3 exhibitions annually, Zarafshan Artists’ Center introduces artists and helps them in their work. This center uses workshops and invitations from various art professors to introduce the art of painting, to provide new ways to promote art and create a harmonious and connected community.


Experience has shown that teamwork with empathy is associated with success in most cases, and Kanz group has achieved this task with at least 13 years of teamwork experience, and the purpose of its formation is to help artists and painters reach their rightful place.


Center of Zarafshan painters until now; It has held 2 to 3 successful exhibitions in different cities and countries every year, and with the participation of members in these events, it has provided great achievements to introduce artists and facilitate the way for their artistic work.

Presence in the art field

He has tried to introduce the art of painting by holding various workshops during these years and inviting professors of various art branches.

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